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14" - 18" clothes
for dolls such as
Baby Annabell, Baby Born,
Chou Chou, Tiny Tears, Timmy Tears, ELC Cupcake Dolls & many more
Please Note: Any orders received after November 30th may not be delivered before Christmas

How to measure a doll

Measure from the top of head to feet (end of toes if a baby doll)

For dolls measuring 33 - 36 cms (13"-14") order 14". These dolls include My First Annabel and My little Baby Born.

For dolls measuring 37-41 cms (15"-16") order 16". These dolls include the original Tiny Tears and Timmy Tears.

For dolls measuring 42cms - 48cms (17"-19") order 18". These include Annabel, Baby Born, Chou Chou, Maddy, Millie, Luke etc.